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The Bilingual Baby Company is dedicated to supporting the needs of families who are raising a child or children in more than one language. We boldly celebrate bilingualism/multilingualism, global consciousness and the happily cross-cultural. We champion the notion that culture is imbedded in language, and that the ability to communicate in more than one language helps break down national, ethnic and language stereotypes. Therefore our 'bilingual babies', with their unique advantages, are poised to play a pivotal role in all of the exciting developments taking place across the planet.
As a foreign-language children's book importer and reseller, The Bilingual Baby Company travels straight to the source to find some of the finest children's books on the international market. Our preference is for original works by indigenous authors. Nella Nebbia di Milano
Christabelle Peters, co-owner of The Bilingual Baby Co., was born in Guyana, South America, and grew up in London, England. She studied French and German at university in England, and lived and worked as a translator in both Paris and Munich. Her passion for books is life-long, as is her love of travel. But it was only with the birth of her own 'bilingual babies' that her commitment to bilingual education took shape. Vincenzo Palladino, co-owner of The Bilingual Baby Co., was born in Italy, and grew up in that country and the USA. Committed to raising his sons to be bilingual or multilingual, Vincenzo was frustrated at the lack of high-quality foreign-language children's literature easily available to bilingual families in the US. Aware that his family was not alone in this particular boat, he encouraged his partner, Christabelle, to set up the BBCo.
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