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"A World of Words for Children"

A NOTE FROM THE BBCo. TEAM: Many of you have written to say how much you enjoy the BILINGUAL BABY videotape series. Some FAQs are: When will there be a stage 2 series? Are the videotapes available in PAL format?

Here is a link to the series' producers, Small Fry Productions. Visit this site for contact information, and even some answers about this popular product.
Small Fry Productions
Introducing an award-winning series of videotapes to teach your child a new language. Bilingual Baby (no relative) uses the immersion method of language learning recommended by experts.

Available in French, Spanish, Dutch, Greek, Portuguese and many other languages. Try one today!

MISSION STATEMENT: The Bilingual Baby Company boldly celebrates bilingualism and multilingualism, global consciousness and the happily cross-cultural. We champion the notion that culture is imbedded in language, and that the ability to communicate in more than one language helps break down national, ethnic and language stereotypes. It's about sharing; it's about understanding; it's about peace.
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